I Know the pain like, many of Whatsapp group admins to through the stress of always adding up the people to and the new members to the group, so which you have first o then save the number on your phone book and then add the numbers to the group, So this actually very hetic, and even sometimes i just refuse to add the members due to the stress which the admins undergo of adding the new people to the group.

Create Your Own Whatsapp Group Direct Invitation Link

But, i am so glad to say this, by using the WhatsApp prime, Here you can just create a whatsApp group invitation link and that will automatically add up the users who just click on the link to join your whatsApp group. that’s so simple, and won’t take much time to.

The is a very new feature and that new feature hasn’t been implemented on the official WhatsApp app yet, But the very good thing is that here you can still get this feature. and while this may sound like a very good idea, it’s like sounds good idea, and considering the fact that it also salves the aisle of having the add contact option and manually add them to your group, and with the help of invite option link anybody can just become a member of the group and even without any administrator’s permission or approval.

So, There are few advantages of using the whatsapp prime which are listed below.


  • By using the prime anyone can join by just one click on the whatsapp group Invitation link directly on any smart phone and that is Whatsapp will be enabled.
  • And here you can just add any number of people to the group without adding any contact in phone book.
  • And Even you can also remove the unwanted members from the group.
  • And here anyone can join the group without the Group admin approval.

Fastest Formula in 2018

So, To create WhatsApp group link in now just like a Pizza bite, Creating link is now very easy and that can be happen with in 1 minute of time, and you would be done creating your own WhatsApp group link invite. So the new WhatsApp has the capacity to create your own group link invite.

Now it’s enough of all talks and words, Let’s stop talking and start doing, let’s dive in ASAP!


  • Firstly,You need to create a new group on your WhatsApp.
  • Then Start adding the members to the group by using the add contact icon on the top right corner.
  • Now just click on the group invite link to create the invite link.
  • Now from here you can share the group invite link across all the social media platforms.
  • So, That’s very simple….. Now Start sharing your group links.

So, Below are the screenshots for your easy understanding.

Whatsapp Invitation LinkCreate Whatsapp groupWhatsapp group invitation link

Join LKT New Group
2: htttps://chat.whatsapp.com/4YPuSrskBGCHB8yjPEUUU1h

Method 1

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Group Invite Link By Using WA Prime.

  • The First thing you need to do is, you need to uninstall your official WhatsApp from your phone.
  • Then After that , just download WhatsApp prime from here Download Wa Prime ApK Or the Direct link Direct link to download of google drive files.
  • Then Here you should be the admin of that group which you want to make invitation link
  • So After Downloading, Just open Wa Prime App and here you need to open WhatsApp Account
  • Now you need to select the group where you want to generate Whatsapp Group Invitation Link
  • So Once you open the group, then just click on the Group info option then just click on +(Add Member) option.
  • Now There you will see “Invite to Group via Link” option so just click on it.
  • So once you click on it. then a link will shown and you just need to copy it by clicking on copy option.
  • SO this is how it looks like (Whatsapp Group Link)
  • LKT GROUP LINK: htpps://chat.whatsapp.com/4YPuSrsdBGCHB8yjPEUU1h
  • That’s it. There ends the matter. Here you have now successfully created Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

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Method 2

How to create Whatsapp Group Invite Link by Using Whatsapp

  • Firstly, you need to download and Install the Latest Version of GB Whatsapp APK
  • Now open GB whatsapp and just enter your mobile number then just wait till the auto verifying your number
  • Here, If you want you can back up your data or can also exit if you don’t want, it’s all your choice.
  • And After that, just select the group which you want to create invitation link.
  • And Then, just click on the Menu icon and then just click on the Group Info.
  • Now Just tap on + button.
  • Then, just select “Invite Group via Link” option.
  • That’s it. Now Group link has been successfully created.

So, Now just copy the link and then just share with your friends. and when your friends will clcik the link and then automatically join your group. which you have created the link.

NOTE: Here you don’t need any admin permission.

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