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Make Id Scannable Premium - Buy Ids We Fake Iowa Make Id Scannable Premium - Buy Ids We Fake Iowa

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IDignity Orlando – June 20, 2019

Make Id Scannable Premium - Buy Ids We Fake June 20 @ 8:30 am
Get assistance obtaining a Florida ID card or license, birth certificate, Social Security card, replacement citizenship or immigration records and...

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Stefanie's Story | Dignity through Identity

This mother refused to be manipulated and abused. Instead, she secured freedom for herself and her children - starting with securing their proper identification. Video...

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At IDignity Orlando's May Identification Clinic, with the amazing support of volunteers and sponsors: 213 people were served, 28 left with their Florida birth certificate, 43 applied for their out-of-state birth certificate, 61 received Social Security assistance, and 99 got their new Florida ID or driver's license! A big thanks to Orlando Health for sponsoring the IDignity May Identification Clinic, providing a delicious lunch from Las Cazuelas, and bringing an awesome team of volunteers.

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